Frequently Asked Questions:

All of our members can register and participate in our entire catalog of product testing opportunities. The selected testers will be chosen at random for each of the advertised testing opportunities. Available quantities and end date for each promotion will vary. Selected Testers will keep the product free of charge, and we request that you provide a brief product review in writing and/or a video review. Testers understand their product reviews can be used as content on our site and social media accounts.

By entering in the Product Testing Program, you agree that you have reviewed and accepted our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

Who can participate?
The Product Testing Program is open to individuals who are legal residents of and reside in the United States, and who are eighteen (18) years of age or older. Please note that residents of Puerto Rico, and Guam are not eligible to participate in the Product Testing Program. Employees, officers and directors of SampleThat™, its legal representatives, affiliates, parents, subsidiaries, advertising, promotional, fulfillment and marketing agencies, and their immediate families (and those living in their respective households), are not eligible to participate in the Product Testing Program.

How I can participate?
Go to the Product Testing Program page via our home page or related ads to find all of our product testing offers. Enter your information to see if you can be selected as the product tester for that product at the end of the promotion period. You can find the entire catalog of available product testing offers here: here

What are the requirements for the product review?
In order to provide a product review, you will receive a document in the product package with instructions as follows:

  • 1.Fill out the form with your contact details.
  • 2.Write a review of 300 words.
  • 3.Reply to all questions honestly.
  • 4.Create a video (minimum one minute in length) of yourself using the product.
  • 5.Photograph the product with the packaging open.
Your review will be used on our social media accounts and on our website.

How will I know if I'm selected?
You will be notified at the end of the promotion period via email and/or phone call if you are selected as a tester.

How many times can I participate?
There is no limit to how many times you may participate or be selected. We encourage you to apply for as many products as you want. You can apply for each product once daily.

What happens if you cannot contact me?
We will make every effort to reach you using the contact details you provided in your application. If we are unable to reach you within seven (7) days of the selection of the tester, we will have to reach out to another potential tester. Please make sure all information you provide during signup is correct.

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