12 Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp

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Do you ever walk into a room for something, and as soon as you do, forget what that was? So you have to leave the room and come in again, hoping that will help you remember what you needed? Happens to me all the time. I forget lots of other things, too, mostly just because I’m busy and have a lot on my mind, but it makes me worry a little about losing my memory as I get older.

Well, aging is part of life, but memory loss doesn’t have to be! In fact there are quite a few things you can do to keep your memory sharp, and they’re not even hard- most of them can even be fun!

1. Do puzzles:

Doing puzzles requires concentration and eye-hand coordination- two things that keep your brain strong and help with memory.

2. Do word games:

Crossword puzzles and games like Scrabble keep you thinking and help exercise your brain.

3. Get enough exercise:

Exercising helps get the blood- and oxygen- flowing to your brain.

4. Watch your cardiovascular health:

Good cardiovascular health is associated with better cognitive functioning, so keep your blood pressure at a healthy rate.

5. Eat good brain foods:

This includes nuts, fish, and avocado for healthy omega-3 fats, berries and citrus for antioxidants, and whole grains for important B vitamins.

6. Learn new things:

Think of your brain like a muscle that needs exercise to keep it strong. Learning new things helps your brain stay in shape. Take classes, take on new hobbies, learn new skills.

7. Use all your senses:

Incorporate multiple senses in your activities. When you use more than one sense in learning something new, you’re more likely to remember it.

8. Repeat or write down new information:

This will help reinforce it into your memory.

9. Reduce stress:

Being under a lot of stress makes it hard to remember things. Beat stress by doing deep breathing or meditating.

10. Get enough sleep:

Sleeping helps consolidate your memories, and being tired has a negative effect on your memory.

11. Protect your brain:

Do your part to prevent brain injury by wearing a helmet when you bike, ride a motorcycle, ski, etc. Always wear a seat belt in the car.

12. Be organized:

Save memory muscle for when it really counts- don’t waste it on remembering where you left your keys.