Magnificent Mascara!

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Did you see the recent post on how to get free samples from Sephora? Shopping in Sephora can sometimes make my head spin because of the insane selection of makeup brands, but that’s also why I love it! You don’t have to commit to one brand for every type of makeup, which can be limiting, and you can try everything before you buy, so you don’t add to your makeup mistake collection when you get home. And if you do realize that you bought something that won’t work for you after all, you can return it with no problems! That’s my kind of risk-free shopping.

I will openly admit that I love makeup! What I can’t really tell you in all honesty is whether I love lipstick or mascara more. Yeah, I know, major dilemma! I love mascara because it’s so glam! Whether you’re getting dressed up to go out to a party or a formal event, or just having a casual day in jeans, a coat of mascara on those lashes takes your look to the next level. I believe mascara is a must-have even on days when you’re lucky if all you can do is brush your teeth and throw on some reasonably clean clothes. Hold on- I mean: mascara is a must-have especially on those days!

If you’re not a mascara devotee, I recommend trying it and seeing how the boost it gives to your look can really boost your mood. The key is finding the right mascara for you and knowing how to apply it properly. The first thing to decide on is color. The basic colors are black and brown, in more or less intense shades. Figure out what works best with your eyes, hair, and skin. Those are the classics and they always work, but if you’re feeling adventurous and creative, try a color!

It’s really important to know how to apply mascara, since you want your lashes to be coated but not clumpy. This depends a little bit on the formula you choose, but mostly on the application. Wipe off excess mascara from the wand before you start and you should be okay. Wiggling the wand as you apply helps eliminate clumps, as well. Start with the wand at the base of the lashes, since it’s the mascara at the root of your lashes that will help create the illusion of length, and wiggle the wand as you pull it up through your lashes. This will separate the lashes and help avoid clumps. If you want to apply more than one coat, make sure you pile on that mascara while it’s still wet.

And just a little note about safety: never share mascara or other eye makeup. It’s a great way to spread eye infections and nobody wants that. And you should toss a  mascara after two or three months to avoid infection. Not too complicated, right? So try some mascara and see how great it makes you feel!