Reasons To Be Thankful For Mom

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In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to give a shout-out to my mom! Here are just some of the reasons to be thankful for Mom:

  • She gave me life. Pregnancy and childbirth are no walk in the park!
  • Her unconditional love. Who else loves you even when you screw up?
  • All those sleepless nights. Sorry about that!
  • Finding things. Moms have special powers for finding hopelessly lost objects.
  • Feeding me. Thanks for keeping us healthy and cooking such delicious food!
  • Giving great advice.
  • Being a great role model.
  • Being a great teacher. Some of life’s greatest lessons are not learned in school, but at home, by Mom.
  • Being a fan. Your mother thinks you’re the greatest.
  • Comfort. When you were little there was nothing like being soothed by a hug from your mom.
  • Being a friend.
  • All those sacrifices. Being a parent means sacrificing big time!
  • Her patience. Okay…Most of the time!
  • Living with me as teenagers. No explanation needed.
  • Being my chauffeur. All those hours shuttling us to school, practice, play dates, and everywhere else.

Thank you, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!