10 Fresh Spring Cleaning Tips

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Maybe you’re not ready to start spring cleaning yet, but since the season has officially started, you might want to start thinking about it. It’s a huge job but it doesn’t have to get you stressed out. Here are some tips that can help:

  1. I know you love those cozy old pajamas with the holes in them. I won’t tell you to get rid of them because I understand, but you should get rid of other garments that are torn, washed out, or stained. They’re just taking up room in your closet and drawers. But hold on to the mismatched socks because they make great dusting rags. Put one on your hand and dust away!
  2. Don’t stay too attached to clothes you don’t wear. If they are in good condition, give them away so someone else can get good use out of them. Offer them to your friends or donate to a charity. Here’s an interesting trick to help you keep track of what you really don’t wear: Have all your hangers facing the same direction. When you wear something, hang it up facing the other way, so that at the end of the year, you’ll know for sure what you haven’t worn at all. Good idea, but I like my hangers all facing the same way. If you can handle this, try it.
  3. Put away your winter clothes properly. Make sure they’re clean and then carefully fold knits so that they don’t stretch out on hangers. Store them with cedar blocks to keep away moths. It’s too sad to take out your favorite sweater in the fall and see that the moths have feasted on it! Store your winter clothes in those vacuum storage bags to save space.
  4. Clean your boots and store them in boxes. Did the winter do a number on your beloved boots? Watch this video to learn how to remove salt stains.
  5. I hate using chemicals to clean the microwave, so I’m excited to try this: Put a few lemon slices in a small bowl of water and microwave for 3-5 minutes. Leave it for another two minutes after it stops, then open and wipe down to remove stains and stuck-on food. They should come off right away.
  6. Use another lemon to remove stains from kitchen knives.
  7. Use yet another lemon to remove scum and soap buildup from your shower.
  8. Vacuum carpets and rugs well, which should really be done throughout the year, anyway. Once a year, give your carpets a deep clean; hire a professional carpet cleaner or rent a machine and do it yourself. Make the most of it and consider it a freebie workout!
  9. Vacuum and turn mattresses. Ideally this should be done twice a year to keep them from sagging.
  10. If you love your gadgets, make it fun with these free cleaning apps.

When my home is neat and clean I really function so much better. I try to keep that in mind while I’m doing the hard work- I hope that thought will help you, too. And while you’re out buying lemons, pick up a few more; really get into the spring zone with some delicious and refreshing homemade lemonade.